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The Art of Physics

Making Equations come to life

Quantum enganglement

Quantum Entanglement is a phenomenon in which two subatomic particles can be entangled and connected. Recent studies suggest that a wormhole might be connecting them. If that is true, we can potentially achieve faster than light travel and communication.


With the help of wormhole we can create a portal that can instantly transport us to another location.

Far Future Wormhole Technologies

In the far future, we can use wormholes to instantly transport people to other places.

Wormholes bending spacetime

The idea of spacetime was proposed by Albert Einstein, it suggests that space and time can be bent and all matter with mass bends spacetime. A wormhole or a black hole is the extreme scenario of space time bending and creates a hole in spacetime


Far Future Wormhole

Wormholes bending spacetime

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