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Tutorial for the website

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you.

Step 1. Sign up

To start posting, sign up.

Signing up is easy, click the button on the top right and make your account, if you have one, then just log in. Be sure to check the newcomer's area before posting anything.

Step 2: Get an AI account

There are a lot of AIs on this planet

Here are some that I recommend:

1. Midjourney: Definitely the best, however, you need Discord and a subscription.

2. Stable diffusion: Major competitor of Midjourney, has a free mode which is good but limited. Subscription isn't too expensive

3. Dall-E 2: Similar to Midjourney, not as good, but it gives 30 free pictures every month.

4. Craiyon: Great for starters, less capable, but works

Step 3: Start practicing

Practice makes perfect

Even in the realm of AI, practice is still required, try and play with the bot, you'll improve on sending instructions.

Step 4: Post

Show yourself

Post some of the best paintings that you've got from practicing.

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